It's all false love and affection You don't want me you just like the attention Yes it's all false love and affection You don't like me you just want the attention
I'm not your toy
this . isn't . another . girl . meets . boy

I want an internet best friend again

My last one left me after five years of super close friendship when she decided she was Tiamat, the nine-headed dragon goddess.

Then suddenly I was the bad guy for telling her that the people feeding her this bull were, indeed, full of shit and looking to extort and manipulate her.

Then she stopped talking to me because some girl who called herself a fairy queen told her to.


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  1. kidhatekid said: What in the ever-loving fuck.
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    This JUST happened to me too! Literally LAST TUESDAY. Not the same situation, but I lost my internet best friend of...
  3. lolitahyena said: LOLOL
  4. karhide said: actually i’m a platypus starfish fox wolf cat god who’s married to sephiroth on the astral plane, so we can’t be friends anymore.
  5. foedus-ex said: …… Are you serious…. I mean…. I could be your internet best friend again… Because… I don’t think I’ll ever view myself as a 9-headed dragon goddess.
  6. nevvymonster said: I’d volunteer, but I think I’m disqualified since we’ve met IRL multiple times and I live only an hour away. Oh well.
  7. grapeyguts said: good lord dude i’m sorry
  8. jathis said: I think I went a little stupid reading that
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