It's all false love and affection You don't want me you just like the attention Yes it's all false love and affection You don't like me you just want the attention
I'm not your toy
this . isn't . another . girl . meets . boy

famous friends

My least favorite thing in the world has to be when I become aware of someone with fans who I feel I’d get along very well with. I get that friendship ache, like, I know we’d be so compatible, that we’d be super bros and have a ton of fun times and lots in common and meaningful conversations. But then, I’m just a faceless voice in this person’s overly large world, because they’re constantly being talked at and watched and are extremely popular and loved and fanned.

It’s a weird feeling. It’s like, their vast exposure exposed them to me, so for that I should be happy? But they’re just another human being, another person, a person who I wish I had the opportunity to know without the roadblocks of popularity and fame because they seem like my kinda people.

Maybe this is what normal people feel like all the time, but as someone who is ‘popular’ while not being very close to most people? The times I feel this way are few and far between.

But hey, one time it worked out. I reached out and made that connection to someone I thought was inaccessible. I ended up getting an internship out of it and making a pretty sweet friend. It didn’t end up mattering how famous he was. I guess that’s why I get a little frowny when it seems so difficult :C

It’s also weird to think that -I- might be / have been that guy to someone. That some of my friends felt that way about me in the past, that I was too popular or fandom famous or cool to approach. Or that a potential friend feels that way now? I’ve been on both sides of the fence and eh, just something that’s resurfaced recently. Just crushin on friendship I guess, pining away for a rad bromance.

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  1. nenalata said: If I lived nearby and not at the bottom of the world, I would come and be bros with you. D: *hugs*
  2. thestrongestman said: You were that guy to me at one point!
  3. jathis said: C, you internet famous :D
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