It's all false love and affection You don't want me you just like the attention Yes it's all false love and affection You don't like me you just want the attention
I'm not your toy
this . isn't . another . girl . meets . boy













Your Anime Story

  • your story’s length:
  • your genre:
  • your character:
  • your lover:
  • the climax:
  • the ending:

[Thanks to midnightparadox for submitting this in!]

Your story’s length: 1 movie.

Your genre: Drama.

Your character: The badass.

Your lover: The tomboy.

The climax: Your stalker saw you kissing someone else, beware.

The ending: Your lover gets hit by a car.

I’d watch it. :T

Length: 70 episodes, 1 remake

Genre: Psychological

Character: The Classy Pervert

Lover: The Hopeless Pervert (wow, perfect couple)

The Climax: You and your lover kiss and your mom cockblocks

The Ending: You finally loose your virginity

For the love of god

2 Seasons of 24 Episodes


The Maid

The Tsunadere

You become a magical girl

You figure something out for your future.


Sounds like I’m in Modaka Magica….fuck..

Story Length: 1 OVA

Genre: Ecchi
Character: The Tsundere
Lover: The Social Butterfly
Climax: You Fart in the Middle of the Classroom
Ending: You Finally Handle a Burrito
I just—what?

  • 3 seasons 4 ova 10 episodes 4 movies
  • tragedy
  • the zombie
  • the tsundere (SCREAMS)
  • you travel back in time
  • your lover gets hit by a car

damn i should make this a series agkjsndfb CRIES

  • 69 episodes
  • tragedy
  • the bossy type
  • the maid
  • you confront your nemesis
  • you die backstabbed

so it’s a CLUE anime?

  • 1 OVA 11 episodes
  • Drama
  • The Tomboy
  • The Cross-dresser
  • You confess your love clumsily
  • You wake up, you are old, those were the good memories.

That…doesn’t sound too bad.

Two seasons of 24 episodes


The tomboy

The cross dresser

The final battle starts

You die protecting a friend

  • your story’s length: 69 Episodes
  • your genre: Psychological
  • your character: The Smartass
  • your lover: The Classy Pervert
  • the climax: You Stare at the Moon and Figure Out Something
  • the ending: You Become God

All I need to do is look at the moon and I will become a God?

It’s like everything Wesker never knew.

I’d watch my own show so hard.

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