It's all false love and affection You don't want me you just like the attention Yes it's all false love and affection You don't like me you just want the attention
I'm not your toy
this . isn't . another . girl . meets . boy

Your Funeral...: Love Love Me Giveaway!


Included in this giveaway is:

  • 1 C.A. Cupid Monster High doll
  • [?] Maybe one extra item? Who knows!

Seeing as I could not find anyone to trade me her for a Spectra I decided to simply give her away Via Tumblr.

The rules are simple.

  • One [1] reblog is one [1] entry, you may reblog up…

Man, I always feel bad reblogging these things, but I only ever do so when I wish to dream the impossible dream.

My chances of finding this doll in our Walmart are like next to none, and I seriously don’t want to pay crazy prices to support scalpers so yeah. ;3c

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